Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Evaluation of the ability of UV rays to detection latent fungal contaminants in animal feed        faezeh keykhosravi    1400/06/31
2    The frequency of equine piroplasmosis in a horse and its relationship with anemia indices        zahra shayeste    1399/06/29
3    Comparing partial anionization of close up ration (partial DCAD) with partial anionization of whole dry period (extended partial DCAD) in dairy cattle.        Behnaz Norouzi    1398/08/22
4    Therapeutic efficiency of deep intrammary infusion and standard injection of ceftiofur using in clinical mastitides: a pilot study        saeed rahmati    1397/04/12
5    Quality control of manipulation of calcium and phosphorus of close-up ration in comparison with partial anionization in an commercial dairy farm        farid teymoury    1395/09/22
6    Quality control of partial anionization of close up ration (partial DCAD) in a dairy farm in comparison with full anionization (Full DCAD) procedure        mohsen hanifi mashhadrizei    1395/09/06
7    Tissue concentrations of some toxic and essential metals in liver, kidney, and bone of small ruminants in Zarrinshahr Industrial region, Isfahan    Ph.D    iman amani    1393/06/15
8    Ultrasonographic evaluation of rumen mucosa and its relationship with inflammatory indices and oxidative stress in experimental chronic rumen acidosis in cattle        seyed vahid mirmazhary anvar    1392/08/27
9    The effect of anionization of close-up ration of Holstein-Frisian dairy cattle Using An-Cid anionic supplement on serum concentrations of Iron, copper, zinc and selenium    D.V.M        1392/08/01
10    Qualitative evaluation of anionic supplement, An-Cid, in prevention of milk fever in dairy cows    D.V.M        1392/04/29
11    Energy indices and productive Responses of Holstein-Frisian Dairy cows to fat supplementation of a high energy close-up ration: a field study    D.V.M        1392/04/10
12    Growth and development status of foals up to 24 month of age of Gonbad Kavoos, Golestan Province    D.V.M        1392/03/19
13    Reproductive Response of Holstein-Frisian dairy cows to fat supplementation to a high energy close-up ration: a field study    D.V.M    arman hosseini    1391/06/14